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Factory Solution

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Factory Solution ( Machine Tools )

Organizer of mother machines
The factory solution business stands on our main businesses, which are machine tool products for electronics, machinery and automotive industries. Machine tools support the minimal unit of manufacturing and make a huge contribution to the creation of industries. Recently, we have been planning to proactively expand our business to new fields such as the information & communications industry including optical communications and the energy industry.

Using our advantages in these technologies and unique product development capability, we have improved system proposals and are trying to provide environmental-friendly, high value-added products and services while staying in close contact with our customers through IT technologies.

Japanese, Taiwanese and other imported Machine tool Products

| Machining center | Double-column machining center | Lathe | Vertical lathe | Turning center |
| Automatic lathe/single purpose lathe | Milling machine | Boring machine |
| Electric discharge machine, Wire electric discharge machine | Drilling machine | Hydraulic press |
| Precision high-speed automatic press | High precision knuckle link press | Turret punch press |
| Surface grinding machine | Cylinder grinding machine | Internal and external | grinding machine |
| Centerless grinding machine | Rotary grinding machine | Profile grinding machine |
| Tool grinding machine | Jig grinding machine | Jig borer | Injection molding machine |
| Water jet cutter | Gun drill machine | Keyseater | Slotter | Centering machine |
| Pipe threading machine | CNC pipe bending machine | Laser processing cell |
| 3-D modeling system | CAD/CAM/simulation software | FA system | Flexible production system |
| Air-conditioning heat exchanger production line | Cleaning machine |
| 3-D measurement machine | High pressure coolant system | Precision roll leveler |
| Peripheral equipment and fixtures | Hobbing machine |